3 selections of good sleep and good sleep goods. Calm your senses and get a good night’s sleep! To live well is to sleep well


I will write recommendations for goods that allow you to have a good night’s sleep.

I think that being able to sleep well is a very happy thing in life.

It’s stressful these days.

If you continue to lack sleep, either your physical or mental health

I want to be careful because I will come.

To get a good night’s sleep

It is directly linked to daily performance.

First of all,

·Eye mask


・ Pillow fragrance (relaxing aroma)

There are three points.

With these three, of the five senses

Sight / hearing / smell

I’m going to sleep mode

This is Sunpo.

By the way, the rest of the five senses

The tactile sensation is a futon or pillow, and the air conditioner?

I want to cut the taste when I go to bed

Is it like that?

When you calm down

The parasympathetic nerves did a good job

It’s easy to sleep.

I am Japanese. This article is a translation of what was written in Japanese into English. I would be happy if it could be conveyed.

The eye mask is Mavogel, washable, adjustable in size, and soft.

The eye mask is from a manufacturer called Mavogel.

I don’t know because I can’t read the manufacturer’s name … (Mavogel?)

When I actually bought it, I really liked it.

As a recommended point

・ Washable

・ Size can be adjusted

・ The nose can also be adjusted with wires, making it difficult for light to enter.

・ Cotton is soft and does not get stuffy

・ Convenient to carry (with storage bag)

It’s like that.


It arrived.


Is written large.


The contents are simple.

・ Eye mask body

・ Storage bag


only this.


HM. Soft to the touch.

If you have a storage bag, it’s good to carry around when traveling or staying.


Back side.

It’s on the side of the face when you wear it.

It is easy to adjust the size.


There is a wire in the nose.

You can adjust it so that it fits your nose.

This will significantly reduce the ingress of light.


I bought two in good condition.

You can now use it while washing and drying one.

The Amazon page officially recommends hand washing

It seems, but I use the laundry net to wash it in the washing machine.

Earphones are Apple’s AirPods Pro, strong noise canceling, preferential to earplugs

Apple’s AirPods Pro, not to mention earphones.

Anyway, the power of noise canceling is amazing.

When I put it on


The sound around me disappears

I can’t help but have fun.

Is it magic?

Make a decibel silence that matches the ambient noise

It’s offsetting, isn’t it, anti-noise.

With AirPods Pro

If you play ASMR, natural sounds, bonfire sounds, etc.

It’s very relaxing.


Why is the sound of a bonfire so peaceful …

Is it a genetic thing of an ancestor from a long time ago?

Primitive era.

Of course, not only when you go to bed

It is also very useful for listening to music during the day.

I recommend it, AirPods Pro.


Relax with pillow mist, pillow fragrance from Ichida Shoten

Fragrance for pillows.

Ichida Shoten’s Piroma

It is a product called.

Sprinkle this on your pillow and sleep.

You can relax with a very nice scent.

There are various scents,

Hinoki, lavender, rose, yuzu, etc.

Without using chemical or synthetic fragrances

With essential oils extracted from plants

It ’s also made only from organic fermented alcohol.

Recommended points.


When used for back tricks and eye masks, the soothing scent becomes stronger.


If you use Piroma for the eye mask I wrote earlier,

It smells closer to the nose than the pillow, so

The comfort will be tremendous.

This is because the eye mask can be washed

You can do it because you believe in the safety of the ingredients of Piroma.

It’s just a trick.

Only use the surface of the eye mask.

I do not recommend it because it is a trick, but

If you want to try it, please try it at your own risk.

For example,

With an eye mask with a cypress scent

AirPods Pro with the sound of a bonfire.

This combination

It’s like having a solo camp in the forest.

As a bonus, if you physically accumulate fatigue, it’s a bang.

Until recently, I’ve been quite light sleep

To be honest, I was in trouble.

It’s about the difficult world these days,

The stress on the environment where I am placed

I think it was big …

Keep looking at your computer or smartphone screen all day long

The blue light makes my eyes gingin …

I’m tired of my head and want to sleep

It is said that the body can still afford due to lack of exercise

A state in which the parasympathetic nerve is retracted due to imbalance.

(Nerves that dominate when sleeping and recovering)

When the paired sympathetic nerve is dominant,

The brain cannot sleep easily in the awakening / activity mode.


Exercise and physically

All you have to do is make your body tired.


So that you can do muscle training at home whenever you like

I bought a lot.

The effect is tremendous.

Did it have a positive effect on hormonal balance?

The quality of sleep is improving steadily.


Bonus 2: When you take a bath with Epsom Salt (Sea Crystals), the body temperature feels good with minerals.

There is a bath salt called Epsom Salt.

It ’s called Salt, but it ’s magnesium sulfate.

If you put this in the bath and take a bath,

It feels good to have a warm body.

Makes you sleepy when your body temperature rises

It’s a mineral, so it’s good for your skin.

Sea Crystals

Japanese manufacturer.

It seems that it is extracted in the Seto Inland Sea and produced at a cosmetics factory in Yamanashi Prefecture.


In summary, sleep soundly to live better. And vice versa

For a good night’s sleep

A story about buying goods that work on the five senses


It ’s a solid story, but it ’s a lot of time in my life.

Humans are sleeping.

And the performance of the time you are awake

It is greatly affected by the quality of sleep.

After a good night’s sleep, I’m full of energy.

If you stay up all night, you will not be able to demonstrate your abilities due to lack of remaining HP / MP.

The cards you should definitely get in the long game of life are



I was short of sleep and reconfirmed that.

Work from your five senses to calm your feelings

You want to get a good night’s sleep.

Eat well and sleep well.

That’s the secret to daytime performance, beauty, and even long-term health.