Mentalist DaiGo’s skin care, sunscreen, coconut oil and shampoo will eventually get to iHerb


Introducing DaiGo’s recommended skin care and sunscreen products!

I like the YouTube of mentalist DaiGo.

“That person is a great place for collecting good information.”

I admire.

I often buy books too.

DaiGo, a globally informed person, had a YouTube broadcast on the topic of skin care and how to become beautiful skin.


January 23, 2019

“Luxury products are almost meaningless! What skin care really works”

It is a title. Luxury items are even written as a waste of money …

He also tells us specific skincare product names that we recommend.

Most of them are from overseas manufacturers.

I ’m a cosmetic manufacturer

“In the first place, a manufacturer in the country?”

I feel. Lol

These are these.

Taiyo Pharmaceutical’s Vaseline HG


Extra virgin coconut oil from Jarrow Fromulas


Badger Sports Sunscreen SPF35 Unscented


Life-flo Retinol A 1%

海外直送品 Life-Flo Retinol A 1% Advanced Revitalization Cream, 1.7 oz



It is sold on Amazon, but it is often sold out.

If you are an overseas online shop called iHerb,

It seems that Amazon handles almost no stock. Because it is an overseas manufacturer …


So those who pursue DaiGo’s recommended skin care goods will eventually reach iHerb …


I am Japanese. Sentences written in Japanese are translated into English using the translation function. I hope it’s an unnatural sentence.




Taiyo Pharmaceutical’s Vaseline HG

It is Taiyo Pharmaceutical’s Vaseline HG.

Representative of good quality oil. And you can get it cheaply. Lol

This seems to be used habitually in exercise and sweating scenes.


A tube type was also discovered. Is this convenient to carry around?



Extra virgin coconut oil from Jarrow Fromulas

Extra virgin coconut oil from Jarrow Fromulas


If you feel that the natural substance of coconut does not fit your skin,

He suggested that you could try petrolatum instead, or try another oil of natural origin.

DaiGo himself likes coconut oil.

They use it on their hair, face and body to keep it moisturized.

You choose what you can eat. If you can eat it, it will be good for your skin health.

It ’s also recommended that you have less luggage to stay because you can go all over with this.

“If you care for men with coconut oil, you will surely want to thank them in 10 years.” Lol

[IHerb] Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil [Open in a separate tab]



Badger Sports Sunscreen


Badger Sports Sunscreen SPF35 Unscented.

As a condition of good sunscreen,

①Wide spectrum function is good (roughly speaking, it absorbs various ultraviolet rays harmful to the human body)

(2) SPF (numeric value representing the amount of UV cut) is preferably 30 or more.

(3) Waterproof specifications are desirable. (Because it reflows with sweat)

Badger sunscreen

The sunscreen that DaiGo uses for sports and all conditions apply.

It means that you don’t have to reapply during the competition and you sweat.


[IHerb] Badger Sunscreen [Open in a separate tab]




Life-flo Retinol A 1%


Life-flo Retinol A 1%.

It seems to be good for measures against fine lines.

Retinol is almost the only substance absorbed by the few skins.

“A substance that speeds up skin turnover”.

…… Isn’t it amazing? !

Maybe the bear under my eyes will disappear a little … !


海外直送品 Life-Flo Retinol A 1% Advanced Revitalization Cream, 1.7 oz

[IHerb] Life Flow Retinol [Open in a separate tab]


In conclusion, use sunscreen and high quality oil to make your skin beautiful

Mentalist DaiGo’s video announced by the American Dermatological Association

You suddenly conclude about really effective skin care.


“Sunscreen and moisturizer only OK”



Recommended products are sold out on Amazon if the timing is bad,

People who are following DaiGo and are really trying to become beautiful skin

Will you arrive at iHerb someday? Lol

It seems to be in stock with high probability, and it can be bought cheaply than Amazon with high probability.


iHerb official (opens in a separate tab)







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